We are on a mission to improve every period.

Back in 2016, Olivia and Aaron where housemates in university.
One evening, Aaron was the last one in, so Liv asked him to grab a pack of pads on the way in. After he finally found them hidden in a corner in a pharmacy under feminine hygiene, he found 14 different kinds of pads under one brand.
When he got back, he felt like a child - asking why - why were there so many different types? Why were they so loud and noisy? And if they were only used for 8 hours, why did they last for 400 years?

This for Liv was strange cause she’s never had to justify her period before - it was just, how its always been.
That's exactly why they set up Polipop - to create the period that Liv wanted, and Aaron expected.

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To make menstrual health and hygiene, sustainable and accessible to anyone, anywhere
— Polipop Vision

Meet the team


Dr. Olivia Ahn

Co-founder: olivia@polipop.co.uk

Polipop was created in her final year of medical school at Imperial College London, and grew steadily with the help of the entrepreneurship programme and help at Imperial.

Olivia’s main passion behind Polipop, lies with the medical and branding aspect of the company, to create a body-safe and environmentally-safe period that is tailored to the individual.


Aaron Koshy

Co-founder: aaron@polipop.co.uk

A bioengineer and design engineer graduate from Imperial College London and the Royal College of Art, Polipop started off as his Masters project. Stemmed from the environmental impact of 200,000 tonnes of sanitary product waste every year in the UK alone.

From purchase, use, to disposal, his fascinations lies in the customer journey and experience - the challenge to rethink the entire period journey.