Olivia and Aaron from Polipop

A period company that’s not afraid to ask questions.

Back in 2016, O(liv)ia and Aaron were housemates at university. One evening, Aaron was the last one in, so Liv asked him to grab a pack of pads on the way back. After he found them hidden in a corner of a pharmacy under ‘Feminine Monthly Products’, he found 12 different kinds of pads under one brand.
When he got back, he felt like a child - asking why - why were there so many different types? Why were they so loud and plasticky? And if they were only used for 8 hours, why do they stick around for 400 years?
This for Liv was strange cause she’s never had to justify her period before - it was, just how it has always been.

That is exactly why they set up Polipop - to create the period that Liv wanted and Aaron expected.

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To make menstrual health and hygiene, sustainable and accessible to anyone, anywhere
— Polipop Vision