Is it safe to flush these?

If the toilet can handle toilet paper - our Polipop pads are no problem! We've all been caught out at a friend’s house or in a toilet without a bin, so we wanted to change that. We are testing our products as per the UK’s Fine To Flush guidelines so you can be rest assured that they are completely safe to flush and biodegradable.

Will this dissolve when I use it?

This is where our magic comes in! Our patent pending pads are highly absorbent and stable in blood and will only disintegrate away when exposed to the water when you flush it down your toilet.

What about tampons?

We are first launching with flushable and biodegradable sanitary pads but we are already developing our flushable and biodegradable tampons to add in your box!

Can I only get this online?

We are planning on getting into your nearby pharmacies, supermarkets, and convenience stores as soon but we can't compete with the big dogs for shelf space! As we grow we are planning on moving to retail as well.

A truly plastic free period

For every Polipop pad, we not only stop plastic going into the ocean but we actively remove 1 plastic bag’s worth of plastic from the ocean and local beaches. It’s a simple promise that we believe has huge impact.